I am an all-round development enthusiast currently working as a developer for Europe’s leading online finance provider. I have an extremely keen interest in programming and am keen to further my skills in the IT industry. A motivated learner, I am always interested in learning new skills, trying new languages and sampling new technologies. I have excellent communication skills and leadership qualities and I have an excellent ability to explain technical terms to non-technical minded people.


Web Developer | Pay4Later | www.pay4later.com
London, UK | 1 December – Present

Worked on the platform adding new features and maintaining the current system. Developed the Pay4Later In-Home app on android using phonegap and developed the concept for the iOS version.

Developed the retailer home view to give real time information, using google APIs to deliver the content.

Solely migrated our platform from on old subversion architecture to a git architecture as well as supporting the other team members with the migration and being in charge of releasing and managing the roll outs on the platform.

Used a wide varietly of technologies, most notably:

PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery, jQuery mobile), postgres, subversion, git

Retail Support | Pay4Later | www.pay4later.com
London, UK | 20 August 2012 – 1 December 2012

Providing support to retailers on using the platform.

Instructor | Computer Power | www.computerpower.ac.nz
Wellington, New Zealand | 1 July 2010- 13 March 2012

Computer Power is a tertiary education provider offering diplomas and certificates in IT ranging from software development, client support and network infrastructure. In my role as the lead software development Instructor, I provided ongoing one on one support in software development for the students and the other staff. I quickly become part of the team and was involved in creating the social committee.

Key Achievements:

Effectively taught software development on a range of topics, including:
Object oriented programming in both C# and Java.
Developing applications for desktop and web platforms.
Creating database connected applications through the use of SQL.
Planning programs for team development through the use of UML.
Designing sound applications using design patterns.
Maintaining code throughout the software development life-cycle.
Developed a number of in-house applications written in C# that were rolled out to our other campuses. I created simple interfaces to connect to the data stored on our student databases and integrate with a number of Microsoft applications (e.g Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Word, Outlook automation).
Responsible for intranet maintenance which involved coding in PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript to work seamlessly with our content management system.
Involved with our industry advisory group, working alongside software development companies to continue the development on our courseware to best suit industry needs.
Involved in developing upcoming courseware for mobile application development on the android and windows phone 7 platforms.
Chosen as the Cross Campuses Exam Moderator for our site.


Computer Power Institute, Wellington – New Zealand
Diploma of Business Systems | B+ | 2010

During my qualification I learnt to develop applications for the desktop and web platforms coded in C#, Java, SQL, LINQ, HTML, CSS, Javascript. I was trained to develop multi-threaded applications that implement design patterns for efficiency, sound architecture and future development. We researched planning and documenting code using UML through to code maintenance to ensure applications are robust. After completing my diploma I was asked to apply for the position of Instructor and was a guest speaker at graduation.

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